oci-bucket-gui MVP: First mockup

Even if this is my personal hobby project, I’ll be trying to apply some “real” software development practices. First thing to do is to describe the scope of the first “Minimal Viable Product”. So far, I’ve noted these MVP limitations I’ll be trying to stick to:

  • Windows target only
  • Javascript (no Typescript yet)
  • Single thread uploads and downloads, no parallelism
  • No simulated folders in Object Storage
  • Simplified choice of compartments and buckets, probably using setup files / environment variables
  • Single file up/download (no bulk operations)

These will be good enough for the “alpha” versions – once this one is working I’ll think about moving further.

This is my mockup for the MVP:

Not sure yet what exactly will be happening when pressing the “Setup” button – either loading a file or opening a dialog when the fields will be entered (to be saved in a file?) Will think about that some more.

Keep hacking (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

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